30% visible light for peepers sun glasses with silver mirror lens

The style of sun glasses is becoming more and more modern, no matter which style, the functions should be well in windy, foggy, cloudy or stormy climate, best-match for fighing with water shining sun light and skiing with snow glaring sun shine, most importantly, it is stunning to wear, no matter for a climbing, or hiking, with all landscapes are HD panoramic in the views, then you need to act cool and take a selfie to post it on instagram.

How does the sunglasses to protect UV irradiation for the corneal and retinal? The key is the part of metal powder (iron, copper and nickel, etc.)filter in different refractive indexs and lens thicknesses to select to absorb some light bands (ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B or infrared rays) in the effect of destructive interference. When the sunglasses is changing colors with the effect of the crystal of silver halide to filter the sun light glare, so the sunglasses is more in protective rather than decorative.

The sunglasses’s key components are the lens, which have five types in basic: the first is the anti-reflective-glares protective lenses with magnesium fluoride, thus you can see things more clear without the disturbs of strong light. The second is the colorfully-dyed lens to absorb the particular wave-length lights, with lens in grey for general darkening, in tan to filter blue ray, in green to increase the green light into eyes, in yellow for more accurate sight in night, other colors are basically for leisure decorations. The third is the cascading color lenses mainly for shortsighted glasses. The forth is the  polarized lenses with vertically-added materials to filter the horizontal strong light glares especially in outdoor sports. And the sunglass clip also for shortsighted people integrated with the polarized technology, the night driving lens to filter the strong glares of the opposite autos.

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