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Why dessert food is lack of healthy ingredients?

Dessert taste sweet by adding white granulated sugar or even saccharin, preservative, antioxidant, raising agent, swentening agent and colorant  in some industrial food processing, the most normal effect of which is to stimulate your taste bud of tongue and be absorbed quickly into the blood for energy storage to trans into fat, reduce the intake of vetamin, effect the metabolism of gall, speed up the hair aging, overtoil the eyes functions and result in osteoporosis not just teeth problems… Dessert food is a kind of acid food, its fast absorbing is the key factor in weight increasing, needless to say that the dessert food is not neccessary in the ordinary food, maybe the sports time is the only ordinary time to refill energy for quick absorbing suger energy,  but in other circumstances the dessert food is not a must-eat.

What if I can’t help eating the dessert food right now? In this case, you should pick the time at day, if you are at work the time at 10 o’clock or 16 o’clock is ok for a bit of dessert food compared with other time. If you have low blood pressure, when you are in disszy just eat some chocolate or sugar slabs. If you are in stomach dysfunction or dehydration or very hungry, drink some salty suger water will help recover the stomach functions. If you are about to compete some sports races, then eat some dessert food will help storage the physical energy.

Dessert food will increase suger in the urine and blood, and high up the saliva viscosity and bloating ventosity, and this will result in the stomach digestion and  body immunity problems. Besides, sugar will result in the calcification of teeth especially for children.

If you can’t stop to eat the dessert food, then why not consider some sweet receipes made of natural foods? How about to stew the rock candy and pawpaw with clam? Milk and white sugar with eggs? Ginger juice and milk? White fungus and pawpaw with rock candy? Coconut juice and sago? Red bean paste? Mango and coconut juice with black glutinous rice? Green apple stewed with aloe? Tremella stewed with papaya? Milk and pawpaw with snow pear? Just for these receipes as the tip of the iceberg…

Sometimes eat the dessert food in a few occasions is good for health, but avoid eating them overdose. Firstly the sugar will attach with the protein of skin corium and result in saccharification effect which will damage the collagen of springiness. Secondly the sugar also result in the unbalance of insulin with more sebum secretion. Thirdly the sugar will  activate the tyrosinase into melanin to obscure the skin.… Then which food should we eat? Five cereals are the best and easist to get.