How to make the camp fire no smoke?

The theory is to use a fan to blow the fire base materials, so to increase more of the oxygen to burn, then correspondingly the fire smoke will reduce to zero almost. If using the fan to blow via a pipe will be more preciously for the air flow, well, two flaws in this way, one is the base materials burns quickly, the other is the fan need extra power supply battery, especially not that convenient out there in a camp site, so this theory may solve one problem but meanwhile result in two new problems, no matter how, one genuine manufaturer will produce such kind of camp fire tool for the consumers in need of smokeless the camp fire.

Mouth-watering? With the fire flowing into the air, so strong fire power, bigger fire with bigger fan speed, and you can’t believe that nowadays the electric fan can use the USB portal for charging, that is really convenient to grill out. When you are start a camp fire at outdoor, keep in mind the fire site should has a distance of at least 1.5m from around, and shovel the inflammable materials especially the dry grass around to avoid other fire risks, but need to near the water resource for cooking.

When at outdoor, you will miss the indoor pleasure, if you are the king of hammock then the hammock with tent is a good choice for usual breaks at outdoor, addtionally prepare some picnic blankets, better be plain blankets such as antiwater cloth, old newspapers, paper box, old sheets and so on to set off the picnic food looking more delicious than usual. Some tablecloth and towels, outdoor carpet will make you more comfortable in the hammock. The ratten basket for picnic is convenient to take in the knifes and folks, cups, wines, etc. Some thermal bags and boxes, trash bags and environmental plastic bags will always help. Some drugs to prevent the bites and stings from the insects and bugs. The sunglassess and sunhat is a must for sunshine-proof, and you know the hand washing soap and wet tissue are basic neccessarities for outdoor activities. Just go into the wild for your exciting camp.