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Helmet for bicycle riding race with flat webbing and reflective straps

Red color is for most alertable in nature designed in lightweight structure, all around adjustment system for tunning positions to fit perfect,  inside padded with antimicrobial materials in larger ventilation to protect head pressure for secure, meanwhile it drys very quick and be qualified to wash and replace the antimicrobial materials.

No matter you ride for long path or short, the bike helmet is a must wear for the most impantant head protection in riding shocks. The helmet without brim is for the road riding and with removable brim for the road & moutain riding, both types look like the styles of baseball’s or skating’s, anotheris the full cover type which is like the types of more fierce sports such as the motorcycle and climbing-vehicle.

In basic the bike helmet has seven parts in construction, the first is the hard shell for shock dispersion, the second is the cap which is the foam inner layer for shock absorption, the third is the safety belts and rings to fasten the position of bike helmet, the fourth is the brim for eyes protection and sunshine-proof, the fifthe is the air holes for head’s heat dissipation and ventilation, with air holes the more the cooler for head, hair and neck, the sixth is the adjustable knob to adjust the tightness for head, the last is the liner to absorb the sweat and reduce the slight shock and vibration.

The materials for bike helmet  have been upgraded to the lighter and safer carbon fiber and polyurethane, and every five years you should change your bike helmet for a new one. Enjoy your bike riding with your stretchable bike shorts.