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Are you the King of hammock?

I like hammock, very comfortable to sleep in it for a short break, of course can’t stay overnight, very unhealthy sleeping way for the body spine even though you are the king of hammock, frankly, I’m the king of bed, but I can’t sleep all day long, we need to do something in value. If you are go outdoor playing, the hammock is a portable accessorie, hang it by the trees, no matter it is made of cloth or rope mesh, the trees should be thick enough without bending for you to lay in, safe for man and enviromental for trees. Cloth hammock is knitted by thin parachute cloth, canvas cloth or nylon cloth which are used widely in more seasons except winter and more areas except the severe cold places, the parachute cloth is actually the nylon taffeta silk made from the long nylon yarn which is the top smooth, tough and elastic, also the slightest and easiest to intake and clean. The rope mesh hammock is weaved by cotton rope or nylon rope in the tropic forest and during hot summer.

When you hang the hammock in outdoor activites, the trees hanging area should be anti-rain, prepare one piece of plastic film as a tent above the hammock if neccessary, and you need to protect youself from the mosquitoes biting with one piece of sponge and the pesticide to against the insects. The height of hammock from ground is about 1m when you lay in. When you are travelling in nature, the hammock is a neccessary. With or without the hammock bars on two sides? Well, without the bars will be more portable, with bars will be more comfortable.

Back to the hammock materials, have you ever thought of the toughest and slightest hammock to be produced? This two features seem the two extremes for the hammock canvas, scretch as you wish, kick as you want, you can’t break the hammock canvas, what kind of canvas will be? Or nano carbon fiber in nylon?

The soft materials will be canvas and nylon, both with mesh cloth for ventilation, for wind blowing beneath especially in hot climates, the canvas type is better than the nylon in comfort, these textiles materials for the hammock are for the slight factor, but meanwhile easily tear in toughness. Well, the metal wire hammock in steel iron is in high  toughness, but very hard for body touch, and will be painted to anti-water for outdoor use, also it is with the wooden and knitting hammock, these non-textiles hammock are not slight and portable at all, in this case, the textiles hammock win.

At outdoor you can hang the hammock by trees, how to enjoy the hammock at indoor? That is easy, you can hang the hammock at the balcony, bedroom or room corner if available, the installation postition should bear enough loading capacity.