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“We made it up with one sexy goddess lingerie two-piece underwear dress for my honey”

Well, here is the story from a net friend: “my girlfriend became angry at me yesterday, because I forget to bring the evening dress for her cocktail party, you know she booked it in Variazioni last month… so yesterday she was angry and even rejected my several phone calls, truth is I was exhausted in office yesterday for an important costume design… But, today we make it up when she saw the gift I gave her, you know why? Hey, man, my secret is to bring her a new lingerie which is from my company’s project partner, just take a peep at the supplier’s lingerie. Wild honey surely, decorated with very soft lace, no wonder my goddess loved it very much, the partner is a pro manufacturer, we always cooperate with them for their modern design of costume, and they are specialized in the sexy lingerie dress for over a decade, truly pro, anyway, thanks bro from my partner.”