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Rollable table for camping picnic then you can eat on chairs

When a rolling table as it bump into my sight, I must take it to BBQ in the beach, most importantly, eating on chairs, be ware of being not bite by the bugs,  especially for a cleanliness person, like me, honestly, every time for picnic I will be standing to eat always, this table is more a good choice for the skin allegic people. Bet the portable roll up table with PVC materials will be going many years.

The table supports are made of aluminum alloy in foldable style with PVC table cloth, when you are driving to tour outback you need such a rigid strudy table, no mantter beside a lake or a river, it always handles easily with fast assembly and dismantle. If you are travelling by ship around the beach, the rollable table is still very convenient to pack and bundle all of your picnic needs. You can set it up on a boat with very flexible installation of the foldable design with total about 10 pounds, most importantly, wherever it located, you can sit on a chair to enjoy the time all along no matter how high you are, you can always enjoy the outdoor meal just like home table.

How much duty can it bear? Appearantly you can put 5 big bottles of Cocacola in extra volumn, that may be 5 gallons in total at least, with four friends around the roll a table and you won’t reject to play the poker cards around this kitchen table and coffee table. With the grill fire on its solid surface, what a taste and joy for family camping trip. Even when you are fishing on a sea boat, expecting some fruitful seafood BBQ on this compact mini table.