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How to go fishing on a sea boat?

Pack your fishing gear such as fishing rod with fishhook, fish wire, fish float, sinker, winder and scissor or shear, go to fishing on a sea boat in the windy or windless day, which day is for you? I prefer the windy and stormy day. Wear your high boot and life vest, remeber the bait and diddle-net, mitten, sunglasses, sunscreen, towel and mini refrigerator, just to dance with the sea waves.

Fishing on a sea boat is a leisure way for outdoor sports, exciting to enjoy, and more to practise your shape by carring 10-20kgs of fishing gear and crawling on the reef rocks, and wearing in tight to stand in heat during hot summer, like the marines team…Frankly the physical fitness is the firtst key for sea fishing, only the tough man have that body quality. The basis of sea fishing is rich experience of sea fishing, plus the skills of rock-climbing, mountain climbing, sailing and swimming will be better.

Fishing rod should be in enough hardness, and so the winder wire in enough toughness, that is the main difference between sea fishing and river fishing, but the sea fishing wire is thicker with a diameter above 0.5mm and a length between 60-70m, with main wire and sub wire. The float is not that important for the sea waves, so you can fish without the float, and for Lure or Trolling, you can judge by feeling the viberation or by sight, for Beach fishing , shore fishing and bottom fishing you can equip with the fishing alarm or bell to judge. Different types of hooks should be prepared for different fingerlings. The sinker for sea fishing should be active type in heavy weight.

Then you can throw the fishing rod by the direction of Up or Slanting, throwing up needs separate your feet in forth, keep your body gravity at the left foot, handle the wire and sinker in left hand, by the direction of up 40-50 degrees, wave the rod by right hand, then throw the sinker up by left hand. This way has small amplitude of swing and drop the point accurately, simple and easy for the sea fishing beginner.

Slanting throwing need the left foot to retreat half pace, left shoulder lean back, hold the fishing rod in 45 degrees above the sea by two hands, press the fishing wire by left hand, keep the body gravity at right foot, wave the rod pole to forth by right hand, when the sinker pass your top then loose the fishing wire, then the sinker will drop in the water by its gravity and inertance. This way is the difficult way for sea fishing, but practice makes perfect, once you get the hang of it, then you can throw far away to the accurate droppoint, acctually the best way for sea fishing. Besides, the side throwing, single arm throwing, sitting throwing, on-knees throwing are also many throwing hobbies.

The sea fishing requires the longer fishing wire, the winder reel is for wire adjustment, there are many types of electronic, sealing, pressure, disc and mini winders for sea fishing, among them the most widely used is the pressure winder for easy operating, fast wheeling and proper dimension. The electronic type is more accurate in automatic wheeling after fish bites, but one con is not very portable for the larger dimension.

Where to choose for sea fishing? Pass the shalow beach or shore for the over shining sun light, for most fishes need dark environment, only at night or morning they are possibly appear there. Then Where is best place? Select the current slow flowing area of beside the edge of reef, estuary, wharf and pier where with rich food and plankton for fishes.

Sea fishing on a boat at the hidden reef area need to drop anchor for grouper, eel, squid, octopus and yellow croaker, etc. If on a drifting boat for fishing, then drift above the current edges and trenches betweent land and the island for hairtail, small yellow croaker, eel and big fishes if in lucky. If on a raft boat, then fish at the area surrounding floating balls and their wooden poles for big fishes such as the shark, swordfish, tuna and bonito. All the above areas have a common feature that is the current slows when passing the subsea  reefs, rocks, or man-made blocks, so you can conclude that what if there is a historic sunken boat at the sea floor?