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How to sleep on the water?

A sleep tent with a boat base will make it happen, how about that? The sleep tent could drift on the shalow lake water day and night, then may be you can have dinner in the camping water bed, the tent could be on a cushion boat, so it floats safely even when the tide is high with wind blowing, and you will be rocked by the water slightly to sleep sounder. There are more leisure ways to use it, as long as you are not sea-sick, at least above one thousand dollars to have one, and beware of the boat pressure, it must be with an air pressure indicator for monitor the height of waterbed in water.

I think it will be better to inflate air into the tent, the double insulation layers will make it wamer inside  insulated from the cold air outside, and be more adaptive for cold season. If some manufacturer could research a kind of power supply transformed from the water current or temperature, then the tent boat could take you around the globe, like Robinson Crusoe to hunt food at the island, you can hunt fish at the “artificial island of tent boat”,  and the travel path should be in the rainy climate for “fresh water”. What a large tent boat will it be? Like a mini yacht?

The tent boat is surely more expensive than the single tent, but surely cheaper than the mini boat or yacht, its selling points have the performance price ratio, smaller dimension, more globular stability.

If youlike you can hold any water activities in such tent boats, cabriolet and convertible of course, connected by ropes and fixed on land. The tent boat also could be used in the sea fish pound with air cushion corridors connected each other… Or, a large water club for the fans!