What will you do when your PC mouse is not that sensitive after merely a year?

I checked the valid date for the mouse which is still in due, but this is one famous manufacturer and they have many bragging banners on the web, so I consulted the customer service department of headquarters from the top shopping mall online, they replied a local phone number, then I called it for something help, but the local sevice center replied that they need the proof of my online order so they are able to replace some components of my PC mouse for free since it is still in the valid period of three years.

But the key is now I can’t find the online order proof from any available shopping platform, what could I do? I hope the manufacturer would repair it as per the S/N and P/N numbers on the back of the PC mouse, but obviously they won’t do that way. Now the PC mouse is still laying on my desktop, whenever I wanna click the hyperlink it will clicks in double automatically!

Not matter the cursor mouse is a mechanical mouse, optoelectronic mouse (optical mouse, laser mouse) , touch mouse or any smart mouse, the production department should help consumers to solve this type of after-sales service for their products’ reputation, but that looks easier said than done.

So here to recommend some must-have features of the robust PC mouses for gaming, such as gripping and moving for the The FPS mouse, quick start and stop for the RTS mouse, high DPI for the MMO mouse and the HE mouse… Which brand of PC mouse do you like most?

The PC mouse is good with high DPI, but the question is do you need it also in your practical applications? Higher DPI will enhance the PC mouse to move a shorter distance, let’s take the tool button of the Microsoft Word for an example, each button will occupy a 20*20 square pixels, with the screen of CPI 5000, this button will map about an effective 0.01 square millimeters. The problem is the button for PC mouse of 400 DPI will map an effective 1.6 square millimeters, how accurately can you move in such a short distance? So the PC mouse with lower DPI will enhance the moving speed and accuracy of the PC mouse.

How about the surface modification methods for the PC mouse? For different tactile sensation, skid resistance and service durability, the skin-like surface touches soft and fine smooth, with sweatproof pros, though with cons of lower adhesive force and wearproof. The painting surface is more colorful, higher service durability and adhesive force than the skin-like, but with cons of lower skid resistance. The texture surfce is in extreme high service time and durability, excellent skid resistance, and cost lower for volumn production. The specular plastic surface is in extreme high durability, but with cons of lower skid resistance and higher electrostatic adherence.

The wire of PC mouse are mainly made of nylon or rubber. The nylon wire is with high stretch resistance and plasticity, buth in low wearproof and toughness, oppositely, the rubber wire with lower cost and good toughness for recommended.

Laser engine or photoelectric engine for the PC mouse? Laser engine is more in theory advantage, in applicable situations, there are no obvious differences between them, just be rational.

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