Wool hat to insulate carbon oxygen in air?

Think about a hat with air filtering function in carbon oxygen and performance design-oriented bundled in one,  inside the raw material is a kind of regenerative agri particles to insulate carbon oxygen, this design prototype pilot could expand to other wool products in the future,  and the warm house effect will benefit from this special agriculture wool material, which is with a lot pros compared with the pure cotton, polyester, non-woven fabric, CVC, PVC, nylon, leather, woolen and paper materials, for the mass production mainly are PVC, non-woven fabric and paper. The usual hat with features of sun-proof, UV-proof with UPF50+, antiflamming, antiwater and anti-bites by bugs and insects with good ventilation, high elasticity and fast moisture absorption.

The green and environmental materials are the trending features for textiles, rumors saying that the latest printing technology could print the integrated circuits onto the textiles for the wearable purpose, in the future all wearables will be connected among the nano digital electronics. The wool hat has the natural feature of noninflammable, this is the main difference from the woolen hat, the wool as the “soft gold in textiles” is a kind of protain of the animal fiber, smells like fat  burning when it burns. The woolen is extracted as a chemical ingredient from the crude oil and very inflamming, both feels smooth, the woolen costs low for its chemical production.

Nowadays the consumption of resources is exceeding the bearing capacity of environment, the solution for sustainable development is to reduce the consumption while ensuring the quality of products, thus the STeP verification from Oeko-Tex association is born for the sustainable textiles, it concludes the quality management, environment management, society responsibilities, health and safe, environment protection and chemicals management, totally six rigid inspections for the manufacturers and traders for clothes, ingredients and home textiles.